The Metaphors


The Metaphors are a unique instrumental group with vocals, gathered to extend the sax, oboe and wind synth playing of Andy Mackay of Roxy Music. 

Falling into no obvious existing genres, this post-rock combo crosses experimental, electronic, ambient, classical, jazz and R&B; with Roxy's Paul Thompson on drums, Julia Thornton on concert harp, Bristol-based experimentalists TJ Allen on guitar and laptop, and classical avant-garde influenced Hazel Mills on piano and vocal loops. 

London! Paris! New York! Rome!

The debut album is being rereleased as a 10th anniversary edition with extra tracks in 2019. 






Introducing Andy Mackay + The Metaphors


Waterloo Sunset by Andy Mackay + The Metaphors


Andy Mackay + The Metaphors recording Love is the Drug


Tara (live) by Andy Mackay + The Metaphors