by Andy Mackay

Released 23 November 2018

The 3Psalms started as an experimental project in the mid 1990s, aiming to be a synthesis of all Andy’s varied influences, from his classical training to his rock and roll, avant-garde electronica and even his years as a boy chorister.

Picking up in 2012, Andy went back into the studio, scoring strings, choir, synthesisers, guitar and some other rock elements. Of course, Andy’s distinctive sax sound weavesthroughout the piece.

Why “I have long been fascinated by this collection of ancient poetry and song which has permeated our cultural life. I have tried to reflect this by using the original Hebrew and Latin as well as 17th Century English.”

People of faith will find themselves in familiar territory while Atheists and Agnostics can join the extraordinary debate in which the Psalmists turn from a feeling that God is totally absent or unknowable to arguing with Him because He isn’t doing what they want!

Lead vocals are by the amazing new talent Harry Day-Lewis, joining Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, the Czech National Philharmonic Orchestra and some of Britain’s finest session musicians


Deep • 10min 2sec • Psalm No. 130

Refuge • 12min 34sec • Psalm No. 90

Praise • 6min • Psalm No. 150

Andy Mackay performs 'Praise' live with Phil Manazera, Harry Day-Lewis and the BBC Concert Orchestra for BBC Radio's 'Friday Night is Music Night' on 28 September 2018.